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Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem Solids

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Have you ever started feeling sore immediately following a long ride, or maybe even toward the end of tough effort, before you’re even off the bike? If the answer is yes, your long-ride nutrition regimen has a gaping flaw that can be repaired instantly with Hammer’s Perpetuem Solids. But before explaining the benefits of Perpetuem Solids you really need to know why you’ve encountered early exercise-induced muscle fatigue.Your body in hour three or later of a long, sustained effort is a lot like your laptop computer’s OS running 19 programs at once, in the breeze-less, 90-degree-sun, the fan blowing full, and the battery at 12%. The longer you stretch your own “computational” capabilities, the more you’re calling upon finite resources. On a ride lasting longer than two hours, refueling with carbs is no longer enough. This is because even the process of converting carbs into fuel scavenges other critical resources, like amino acids. And the conversion of any carbohydrate or other fuel, whether consumed or already in your bloodstream, creates a chain reaction of oxidization, where free-radicals are released, creating harm (and performance limitations) throughout your entire system. And …complex carbs, soy protein, and amino acids to stave off muscle fatigue… though aminos are also anti-oxidants, your body is calling upon them for energy conversion, limiting their use for fighting off oxidization. The harder you work, the worse the drain on your limited amino supplies and the broader the free-radical release. Because bringing a turkey on rye in your jersey pocket isn’t especially convenient for mid-ride refueling, Hammer makes Perpetuem Solids in tablet form. A caution here: This isn’t a sugary Snicker’s bar or other highly sweetened gel. Hammer specifically makes the 33-calorie tablets small enough to chew and purposely avoids any refined sugar use, which will incite that awful spike-and-crash cycle that leads to highly uneven performance.

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